The Metropolitan Museum of Art makes 400,000 works available for download

Wheat Field with Cypresses

The Metropolitan Museum of Art this month released an astounding 394,000 high-resolution images to the public. Visitors to the Met’s website can sort images by artist, medium, location, and era, and freely download images that are generally at least 10 megapixels in size.

The Met’s collection is one of the most extensive in the world, with more than 500 Picassos available for download, along with dozens of paintings from Monet, Van Gogh, and Degas. Aside from European painters, the collection also includes photographs of Aztec stonework, Greek sculpture, and Chinese calligraphy.

Via the Verge

Paintings of my favourite French Neoclassical painter Jacques Louis David are among the available paintings as are many paintings of Dutch Masters Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh. Really amazing.

Really amazing initiative which also reminds me of the wonderful Google Art Project which features more than 345 collections from musea all over the world.

Twitter Is Not Dying

Great piece by Will Oremus on on the state of Twitter in the social media landscape, especially the following paragraphs:

Here’s what Wall Street needs to understand: Since Facebook is made up of a huge number of roughly equivalent individual users, its volume of “monthly active users” is a reasonable way to measure its growth and scope. Twitter comprises a relatively small number of public figures broadcasting their messages publicly and a somewhat larger direct audience. That makes “monthly active users” a crude metric at best, since one group of users is very different from the other.

To further complicate things, Twitter’s most influential users do not tweet with the expectation that they’ll be heard only with the people who follow them directly. Rather, they treat the platform like it’s a one-way TV interview, using Twitter to break news, to win arguments, to build their brands, to hone their public personas. That’s because they understand that some of their tweets are likely to resonate far beyond and the Twitter app. The photo that Barack Obama tweeted when he won re-election was viewed by tens of millions of Americans who have never used Twitter. Ditto Ellen’s Oscars selfie.

I think Twitter biggest problem is adequately communicating what Twitter is about and the relatively steep learning curve of Twitter and its own etiquettes which non-tech savy people most likely don’t simply understand as liking a post on Facebook.

New version of Firefox

New Mozilla Firefox (version 29) is definitely a leaps and bounds improvement in both UI and speed! Still not enough to be my daily driver though, that honor still belongs to Google Chrome. Though it’s a long time ago I actually found Firefox nice to use again.

Mozilla Firefox